About Fabbricasei Italy - Recover old forniture italy - creative recycled forniture italy
Fabbricasei is an idea born almost by accident, which began with the passion to build furniture pieces using waste collected here and there and wood scraps that grandfather joinery produced in large
Starting from simple iron sheets and old wood pieces we began building the first objects that today
jealously preserve, because they have led to the emergence of Fabbricasei, although we did not know.

We create furniture pieces characterized by essential and elegant forms, made from durable and quality
materials.The careful design and realization of the products happens in our workshop and occasionally we work with small companies in the area.
We recover old furniture, wood aged fixtures, pallets and antiques, we revisit the forms and we create
something new and modern.
We also realize unique pieces on request, customizing and adapting each particular to the needs of the
Our company is formed by young guys who want to look to the future in a new and optimistic way, we
don’t want to surrender to today consumer society but we want to build something to believe for our
In the consumerism and unbridled productive effort era, where the furniture piece has lost its personality and originality, Fabbricasei tries to restore value to the manual, creating unique products, giving a soul to the individual piece, turning it form a simple furniture piece into a piece from “live” as well as to use